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Addhen is a mobile application company based in Accra, Ghana with office in Sendai, Japan. We are experienced in Mobile development, Web applications and more.

Addhen was started by Henry Addo. A former software engineer at Ushahidi.

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What We Do

Addhen specializes in developing apps for the Android platform: for phones, tablets and wearables. We are able to turn your static mockups into functional apps. We can create your app from the ground up, port it from a different platform or help maintain and improve existing Android apps.

We value direct communication, a pragmatic approach to problem solving and providing a quality consulting service.

Interested to know more about what we can do for you or your business? Reach out to us at support [at]


FindReels Android App

FindReels App

A beautiful and feature rich Android app for scheduling movies. Implemented lots of custom views.

SMSsync Android app


Free & Open Source SMS gateway for Android. Turns your Android device into a powerful SMS gateway.

Ushahidi Android App

Ushahidi Android App

Free & Open Source Android client for the Ushahidi Platform. Made heavy use of the Google Maps Android APIs.

Kasahorow Android app

Kasahorow App

An Android keyboard for serveral Ghanaian languages including Akan, Ga, Ewe, and Hausa. It made extensive use of the Android Input Method framework.

Spotify Music Player

Spotify Music Player

A music player that displays an artist's top 10 tracks on Spotify and provides streaming playback of audio using Android's Mediaplayer API.

Raiburari Android SDK


This is a resuable library to make it easy to write Android apps the reactive way. It makes use of the RxJava library to make this possible.

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